Smoknovo Fountain Pens – Review

Smoknovo Fountain Pens – Review

The Smoknovo 2.0 has a couple of things in common with the original Smok Novo. But first, you need to know what it is exactly that makes this pen not the same as the Smok Novo. For starters, it is a water-proof fountain pen, so you can write all day and not have to worry about your ink running out. If you were to use the initial Smok Novo, you’d have to be constantly replacing your ink (and getting new pens to replace old ones) since it was mostly made out of plastic. It also didn’t genuinely have a good reservoir design, also it wasn’t insulated well, so it used up a lot of ink pretty quickly.

Smok Novo 2

Among the best things about the Smok Novo 2.0 though is the body. It’s all metal, but it’s covered with an elegant velour cover that wraps around the entire thing. That is also great for those people who are afraid of pen bumps, because the material the body is made out of won’t rub on your skin. The complete writing surface of the pen is covered in a textured black rubber grip, making it comfortable to create with even on cold days.

As well as the great looks of the pen, gleam large amount of other features packed involved with it that make it a fantastic choice for people who prefer to take things serious with their writing. For instance, the reservoir of the Smoknovo 2.0 holds two bottles of ink, which is a lot better than just one bottle. This way you don’t need to go to the store every time you need ink, and you will be able to get an affordable refill on the spot. This is also convenient in case you have an extended commute to and from work and have to get a few pens throughout the day. All you have to accomplish is fill the reservoir, take it to work, jot down some notes, and when you’re done you’ve got an unlimited supply of ink. There is no more running backwards and forwards to the store or office.

The reservoir can be larger than that of some other pens in exactly the same size category. When you hold onto the pen, you can feel that it is comfortably between your thumb and index finger. This makes it easy to grip and write with, and Smoknovo claims that the reservoir is made to make writing with it easier than the traditional pen.

Some individuals might prefer a little weight in their pens, and the Smoknovo 2.0 includes a full metal frame that’s covered in gold. It might not be the most pleasing thing to look at, but it will provide a little extra weight that will keep the pen stable on a table or desk. It includes a smooth exterior, and the silver and black accents give a great look. In addition, the reservoir isn’t the only part of the pen that will offer extra weight. There are also some additional weight bearing components on the barrel of the pen, plus the cap.

Among the nice top features of the reservoir is that it lets you use water or any other liquid for lubrication. If you need to be able to transfer a colored ink or fluid in one side of the pen to the other, this feature is definitely a bonus. Other pen manufacturers don’t possess something like this, so Smoknovo is really one of a kind.

In terms of choosing a gift for somebody who likes to be, the Smoknovo is one great choice. Most pens in the same price range have a metal reservoir, but none of them have such a beautiful design. The pen is also extremely sturdy, meaning that it will not bend while it’s used. For most writers, this alone will do to recommend the Smoknovo. If you are searching for something classy and unique, then this would definitely be considered a good choice.

To conclude, the Smoknovo fountain pen is a fantastic writing utensil. While it may not have the ability to write at 100 words each and every minute like a fancy Mont Blanc, it certainly has an impressive quality level. If you are searching for something elegant that you can’t normally find in a normal pencil, then this would be considered a great choice. It comes with a reservoir that is completely seamless, meaning that if it gets dirty, all you have to do is remove it.